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Ripcurl 4.5/3.5 E-Bomb Full Suit


The E Bomb provides the Ultimate in stretch and performance while maintaining durability.


Ripcurl 4.5/3.5 E-Bomb Full Suit

    Ripcurl E-Bomb 4.5/3.5 Chest Zip Fullsuit

    E4 Tape

    Internal seams are taped with E4+ super stretch tape, allowing for maximum seam stretch while giving ultimate seam sealing and comfort.

    Glued and Blind-stitched

    Tripled glued, double stitched seam only penetrates one side of the neoprene allowing high stretch, strength, and minimal water entry.

    E4 Neoprene

    In key performance panels, 20% lighter than E3, warmer and more flexible.

    E4+ Action Panels

    New E4+ neoprene action panels. The action panel is the massive panel that runs through the arms, back and around the knees with 30% more stretch.

    Chest Zip

    A front closure system that provides the freedom of a zip free suit with the easy access of a back zip.

    4-Way Back Stretch

    By working with our team we identified the importance of stretch across the back for both paddling and body torque during turns. By breaking the straight seam line across the back it allows the E3 to do its job without the seam restriction.

    Lock Slide Design

    A shock cord closure system built into the chest zip suits allows the user to adjust according to their specific needs.

    Drainage System

    A 3 hole drainage system allows excess water to drain freely.

    Hydro-loc Collar

    Adjustable Collar to seal the neck and prevent water flushes.

    Stash Pocket

    External zip pocket with key loop.

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